Dress code

The dress code for men is dhoti.

Angavastram can also be worn by men (optional). Usage of both Dhoti and angavastram or just Dhoti only is the dress code. No shirts etc. to be worn.

Dresses allowed for women are sarees, pavadas with blouse or dhoties with blouse, normal churidars etc. Modern dresses like jeans and tops etc. are not allowed.

Please take special care in obeying the dress code.



Entry into the temple is allowed only for Hindus.

Men wearing Angavastra should ensure that it is fastened around their waist.

Enter the temple only after bathe and wear clean clothes.

The instructions given by the temple officials are to be followed. Devotees may have to wait for their turn for darshan.

The customs and other usual systems of the Temple are to be allowed to be followed. Please respect these systems and customs. Instructions will be given by the Officials when you are in the queue.



Don’t smoke or spit inside the Temple.

Don’t sit, prostrate or place any article on the Ottakkal Mandapam.

Don’t carry anything like umbrellas, slippers, cameras, mobile phones or other electronic equipment.

Don’t take photos or videos in the Temple premises.

Don’t throw prasadam and theertham and are to be handled with respect.

Don’t consume liquor or non-vegetarian food and enter the temple.

Don’t carry valuables or jewellery as there might be rush and risk of loss is there.